Mission Statement

We, the Board of Management and staff of St. John of God Primary School strive to make our school a faith community, where the Gospel values of justice, hope, love etc. are upheld in all our decisions, and find constant expression in our interpersonal relationships. In our efforts to move towards this goal, we work in close co-operation with each other and endeavour to strengthen the bonds of partnership with parents and priests, and all in the parish community, so that our united efforts may ultimately benefit the young people entrusted to our care. As teachers we facilitate the discovery and acceptance of Christian values, by helping each child to know and understand her Catholic faith.

Acknowledging the uniqueness of each child, we strive, through our programmes and planned learning activities, to contribute to all aspects of children’s development- emotional, spiritual, social, cultural, creative, aesthetic and moral, as well as intellectual. Whilst we recognise the importance of giving to each pupil, the basic skills of literacy, numeracy and oral communication, consonant with her ability, we place emphasis not only on academic achievement, but also on facilitating each child to grow in self-worth, through experiencing success in as many aspects, as possible, of the total curriculum.

Through such activities as Art and Crafts, Music, Drama, P.E. etc., we aim to promote free and articulate self-expression, and to equip our pupils with attributes of creativity and adaptability, so that now and in later life they may be able to cope effectively in a continuously changing society.

We recognise the importance of education for leisure, and so, both within and outside the classroom, a number of opportunities are provided for pupils to develop their personal interests, and discover their individual talents.