School History

The St. John of God Sisters came to Kilkenny in 1886. Their first school was in Jacob Street and the following year they acquired the present site from the Christian Brothers. Later a wooden structure was added consisting of two classrooms and a cookery room.

These earlier buildings were demolished in the 1940’s and the main block of the school was built.

In 1969 a new extension was added. It consisted of five classrooms, an assembly hall and administrative rooms at the front of the school. This extension was officially opened in 1971, bringing the total number of classrooms to thirteen.

In 1984 a double pre-fab was placed to the back of the school to cater for the increasing number of students.

In 2014 work began on replacing the pre-fab with a permanent structure adjoined to the main building. Three new classrooms and front lobby were completed in 2015 with children and teachers moving into the rooms in September. This extension was officially opened on January 27th 2017.